Managing People Who Go Beyond Being Difficult… Dealing with Beastly People

We all manage difficult people in our lives. However, what do we do after we’ve tried the usual conflict resolution methods and these people don’t respond but become worse in their behaviors? They’ve gone beyond being difficult. They’re acting beastly and adversely affecting all around them. Allowing them to continue would cause great harm. They need to be dealt with now.

Jack presents a two-fold program designed to provide us with a practical approach that works. It is based on Two Truths:  that people know what they are doing and they need to be held responsible for their choices.

We begin the process by discovering the goals of their purposeful behaviors. Then we need to choose to become pro-active by developing a plan based on the premise that the beastly person must be responsible and held accountable for his/her actions, entitled to the consequences that result. Learning how to avoid being manipulated by their excuses such as: “I’m sorry … I promise, etc.” will help us guard against becoming a society of non-responsibility.

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