Birth Order:  How your Place in the Family Affects your View of the World

How can we quickly identify a person's unique strengths and tap into their natural talents and abilities? More than ever, these questions are becoming the major concerns of educators, business people and parents.

Ever wish you had the key that would give you that edge, that insight into how and why people behave as they do? Many of us wish we could better understand why some people approach tasks or a crisis in the manner they do. Does such insight have to be a mystery? Must we spend a week attending a costly institute on "psychology testing"? Do we have the time in the middle of a crisis to step back and chart, graph, or analyze "types"? Most of us do not. We need a hands-on, accurate body of knowledge that we can draw from quickly to help us make management decisions.

This entertaining and informative presentation explores the impact that our place in the family, our birth order, has on our styles of managing and dealing with people. Each position in the birth order brings with it unique characteristics that influence how a person views the world, chooses to behave and prefers to deal with the everyday activities of life. The process we use in decision making, presenting of ideas, managing conflicts and communicating with others are covered in this presentation. Learn how to avoid potential conflicts between people, while tapping into a person's strengths as developed through the birth order process.

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