About Jack

Jack is a presenter and trainer in the area of human relations and management. He has combined his education and experiences into a practical and common sense series of presentations relating to the successful management of the Social Aspects of Business. For over twenty five years as a professional speaker, his appearances at conferences and business engagements have earned him a reputation for useful and relevant material combined with humor that makes learning enjoyable.

Through the years Jack's programs have trained and entertained audiences in both business and educational communities throughout North America. The following is a partial list of the many diverse groups Jack has worked with:


     • Federal and State agencies

• Financial institutions

• Health care agencies

• Technology industry

• Municipal government and departments

• Non-profit organizations

• Service industries


• School districts

• Parent organizations

• Social service agencies

• Pre-school programs

• Universities and colleges

• Community service groups

• Professional associations

Whether he's presenting to management, sales or staff, Jack's programs never fail to make their mark.

Jack is a graduate of West Virginia University with a Master's degree in Counseling and has done post-graduate work at the University of Vermont. Prior to becoming a presenter, Jack worked for over fifteen years in public education as a counselor and Director of Student Services. He has also held management positions in the private sector.

Jack has taught courses at the college level. He has appeared on television and radio and created the popular audio series "Why Do Kids Do the Things They Do?" Jack has also authored several articles and an upcoming book, "Dealing with Beastly People". He has been selected by several speakers' bureaus as one of their national speakers.


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Jack Agati

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